Life Coaching

The life coaching process aims to help clients achieve their chosen future goals by gaining motivation, mentoring, and life skill training from a qualified life coach. Life coaches are neither licensed counselors nor a therapist. Life coaches are like sports coaches or teachers; they are trained professionals who help with all aspects of your life: developing, actualizing, and maintaining goals for careers, relationships, living environments, health, and spirituality! Life coaches can also be mentors and personal consultants who encourage you to take action and achieve success.

You will learn how to improve all areas of your life, including health, relationships, self-esteem, and workplace dynamics.

Our life coaches will evaluate how effectively you communicate, identify the main areas for improvement, and help you understand how to communicate your message in the best possible way. We will show you how to put balance into your life by controlling the hours in your day and how to apply organizational skills as the final tool to help you live life your way. We will work with you to discover your life's purpose and will guide you in reaching your full potential. Our coaches are experts in helping you better manage your daily responsibilities and achieve your long-term goals.


Life Coaches

Jason Murray, Jr.,
Life Coach


Scotty Rogers, MA, RFC


Kari Altman-Wood, MSC

Life Coaches

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