Board Certified Behavior Analyst

We are proud to be incorporating Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) who provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services at The Costello Center to treat children and adults struggling with behavioral challenges. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the design, implementation, and evaluation of environmental modifications to make positive human behavior changes. 

Behavior Analysts who pass the board certification exam and maintain the certification every year may conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to identify, define and target problem behaviors and their functional relationship with environmental factors. With this information, a behavior treatment plan may be developed using researched-based interventions to systematically reduce those problem behaviors by teaching and incorporating those functionally equivalent replacement behaviors over time. 
ABA services may include direct observations and functional analysis of problem behavior in multiple settings, direct instruction in a training session held in the family home, data collection and analyses of those results helping to make upcoming treatment decisions, etc.

The Costello Center is dedicated to training parents and caregivers in the following areas: promoting the most effective parenting strategies, best interaction types to keep your kids attention and interest, how to successfully implement the behavior plan, and professional crisis management. Tate has designed specific trainings in research-based procedures to assist parents in having the most effective interactions with their children.

He offers parent trainings in the following areas:
  • The 5 Love Languages
  • Functional Communication
  • Positive Interactions
  • Functions of Behavior
  • Anger Management

ABA Services at the Costello Center focus on reducing problem behaviors by systemically modifying the environment while simultaneously teaching functional communication, anger management & age-appropriate social skills at the Costello Center, in the family home, at school, or in the community.

Behavior Analyst


Tate McGhee, MS, BCBA


Behavior Analyst

Tate McGhee, MS, BCBA

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