Parent Education and
Family Stabilization Course

We are glad you are considering taking our unique Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. I am Dr. Kim Costello, co-owner and co-founder of The Costello Center, a comprehensive counseling and academic assistance center serving the greater St. Petersburg, Florida community. My unwavering commitment to helping families has defined my career. Through more than 20 years of providing therapeutic counseling to adults and children, I have assisted hundreds of individuals, couples, and families through times of significant transition in their lives. The Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course that we offer extends my center's commitment to healing and empowering individuals through life's challenges. We hope that through your participation, you will gain the knowledge and insight necessary to minimize the adverse effects divorce can have on you and your family by increasing your awareness and understanding of how to help you and your children transition through this difficult time.

Our course combines the expertise and experience of all the skilled and dedicated counselors at The Costello Center who work daily with parents and children experiencing divorce. My daughter, Ashlee B. Rincon, Ph.D., and I developed this course together and collectively enhanced the class to incorporate new research and strategies to help parents co-parent effectively. We believe this course is truly an opportunity for parents to learn co-parenting skills and techniques they can quickly implement with their families long after completing the course. 

We recognize that this course is required by Florida law and includes all required content as outlined by Section 61.21(2)(a), F.S., but we also recognize how significant this class can be for parents. Divorce, mainly when children are involved, is an emotional process. Our instructors seek to be sensitive and respectful to all participants, providing them with information that goes above and beyond legal requirements. We strive to provide you with the most current research and resources for families experiencing divorce. We also do our best to make all information presented tangible and clear so that you leave with the knowledge, a certificate, and concrete plans and strategies to benefit your family. We want to extend our appreciation again for considering us for completing your hours, and we hope to see you soon in one of our upcoming courses. We consider it an honor to help guide you through this transition. 

Cohesive Co-Parenting Course

Parent education and Stabilization Course

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We recognize that divorce is an emotional process, particularly when children are involved. Our curriculum provides meaningful content focused on helping parents cope with the transition to single parenting and teaching them how to be there for their children during this challenging time. Our paramount concern is the health and well-being of children of divorce, and our class contains many helpful resources for parents to ensure they provide their children with the support they need during this time. We know, as a counseling center, that separation and divorce can have devastating effects on children. This knowledge and focus separate us from other providers of the course. We help parents understand the concepts associated with Florida Family Law and parents' responsibilities and parenting time, and how to handle the emotional repercussions they and their children will face. 

We understand this is a required course, and we want to extend our appreciation for choosing us to complete your hours. We hope to make this informative and helpful to you and your family. Our course is court-approved, mobile-friendly, and will give you a free certificate.

Why Choose Our Course?

State-Approved Course Pursuant to Section 61.21(2)(a), F.S.

We hope that by participating in this course, you will gain the knowledge and insight necessary to minimize the adverse effects divorce can have on you and your family. This course will increase your awareness and understanding of how to help your children and yourself transition through this difficult time. Throughout this four-hour course, we will be discussing: 
  • The Facts/Stages of Separation of an Adult
  • Stages of Separation for a Child
  • The Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)
  • What is Co-Parenting, and why is it important?
  • Marriage Role versus Parenting Role
  • Stages of Development
  • Child Safety and Legal Issues

Suppose you have already taken the mandated 4-hour course but are looking for further support and more techniques to co-parent or are effectively facing a high conflict divorce. In that case, we offer an advanced parenting course - "Cohesive Co-Parenting." This course will go into even more depth on how to healthily transition into co-parenthood, maintain communication and collaboration with your co-parent, and help you and your children with the emotionally adverse experiences of divorce. For more information, check out the Cohesive Co-Parenting Course or contact our office.

Cohesive Co-Parenting: Advanced Parenting Class for High Conflict Divorce and Further Support

Our 4 hour course has been approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and meets all outlined requirements for divorcing parents as outlined in Section 61.21(2)(a), F.S. Each aspect of our course addresses the various topics that are required by the state of Florida and help you make the transition from spouses to co-parents.

Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course

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  • This course is a total of six hours broken up into increments depending on the providers schedule.
  • It is an in person course available either on an individual basis or jointly with both co-parents.
  • These sessions are tailored to help your unique family, and specific content is based on your family's needs.
  • For individual co-parents, each one-hour session is $90. Plus a one-time material fee of $25.
  • For both co-parents attending each one-hour session, it is $150. Plus, a one-time material fee of $25 per individual.
  • To register please call or emailing The Costello Center directly at (727) 345-2667 or

Cost and Registration

What is the Cohesive Co-Parenting Course?

  • There is Hope!
  • Stable Parent, Stable Home
  • Co-parent Communication
  • Co-parenting Meetings and Handling the Handoff
  • Risky Business, Understanding the 6 Risks for Children after Divorce, and How to Counteract Them with Protective Behaviors
  • Holidays, Special Occasions and School
  • Critical Issues - Emotions and Finances
  • Abuse, Addiction, and Abandonment
  • Moving Forward in Dating and Remarriage
  • Co-parenting Beyond Child Support

Course Content

We work with many families dealing with significant divorce conflicts attributable to abuse, addictions, financial disputes, mental and physical health difficulties, and legal battles, among others. Our unwavering mission is to help all families cohesively transition through divorce no matter what problems each family may face. Sometimes our 4-hour Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course are not enough given a family's circumstances. That is where our Cohesive Co-Parenting Course comes in. This course provides co-parents a complete toolbox and countless resources to raise their children with empowering love despite the high conflict situations they and their children are facing. This course is a six-week series of one-on-one classes with our exceptional Parenting Course leaders. These sessions are tailored to help your unique family circumstances.

Cohesive Co-Parenting Course

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Our counselors and therapists stand behind the content of this course, but these classes do not serve as counseling sessions or contain legal advice. This course is intended to educate and empower rather than counsel parents. If you need additional resources, please reach out.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns. You can email us at or call us at (727)345-2667.

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