Client Patient Portal
Setup Instructions

We encourage you to bookmark this link in your web browser and recommend using the following browsers:

We also recommend using the following browsers when using our patient portal:
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
*Please note that Internet Explorer does not work well with our system!
  1. You will receive an email from with subject: "Valant Account Setup"
  2. Click the email link, and a new window will pop up in your web browser to set up your security questions for your Portal. If there are any scrolling issues to submit your answers, we encourage you to use a computer for this initial set-up and not a smart device such as your cell phone or Tablet/iPad.
  3. Please note that this link will expire in 72 hours. If you are unable to complete setting up your Patient Portal before the link expires, please call our office at 727.345.2667 in order to request a new link.
  4. Once you have completed setting up your account, you will receive an email from that will contain your user name. Please note that you may change this after logging in to your Patient Portal.
  5. At the same time, our office will receive a notification to Validate your account. Once our office receives this notification, we will send an eSignature Packet through your Patient Portal for you to complete your Initial Paperwork before your Initial Appointment. Please note this may take up to one (1) business day to appear in your Portal.

Steps to Set up Patient Portal

Important Things To Note Regarding The Portal

The Initial Paperwork cannot be sent to the Patient Portal until the account is Active

  1. Sign in to your Patient Portal.
  2. Verify your email by clicking the "Verify my email" button in the Home tab.
  3. An email from with the subject: "Verify your email address for The Costello Center Patient Portal" Click the link to verify your email
  4. A new window will open in your web browser and confirm that your email has been verified.
  5. **If this did not work, go to account settings, select "Change Login or email" and under that link you will be able to click "Verify my Email". Then repeat step 3 & 4.
  6. Once you have verified your email, you will see a "message" board. Click on the hyperlink coded in blue with the name of the paperwork (i.e. "Adult Packet", "Child Packet", "OA Adult Form", etc.)
  7. Once you have clicked on the hyperlink a message will pop saying "loading" once it finishes loading, the eSignature Packet will open in a pop-up and you may begin completing this paperwork. Please note, items with a ' * ' are required in order to finalize the paperwork. This eSignature packet will autosave your progress if you are unable to complete this in a single sitting.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 727-345-2667.

Steps to Complete Initial Paperwork